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With the click of Your mouse ProTrackerPlus gives YOU the Power to Track and Analyze Your Entire Sales Process and We Even Train You so that there is No Guesswork for Your Businesses Success.

From: Dan Moses & Mark Brown

Fellow Marketing Professional,

It's SO easy...

Just login to your account... set up a tracking link and know with out a shadow of a doubt how well your advertising is performing. Pro Tracker Plus tracks and analyzes ANY and ALL aspects of your business promotions and provides you with REAL TIME analytics and detailed statistics 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Plus it keeps a list of all the tracking links, analytics reports and stats so that you can easily review, change or update your web metrics at any time from the private members area. Not only that... You can even have your site statistics emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly!

ProTrackerPlus can track and analyze anything...

Links Blogs Popups
Forums Banners Articles
Ezine ads Email Ads Downloads
Text Ads Google Ads Direct Mail
Splash Pages Press Releases Unique clicks
PPC Keywords Traffic Exchanges Affiliate programs
Cost per click Cost per sale Squeeze Pages
Signature Files... And So Much More... name it and Pro Tracker Plus can track it.

That's ALL there is to it! Get extra time and money now, you'll be able to select the exact promotion, product or marketing placement that will quickly and easily make you money at the press of a button!

Isn't it about time you had the power and intelligence of a $50,000 per month marketing and analytics team working for you to bring your success and profitability to the level that you deserve?

We designed this program with simplicity and ease of use as our number one focus. In fact the point of using a tracking and website analytics program to track your ads is to make it easier for you.

This is not an "out of the box" web stats solution that will be obsolete in three weeks due to the pace and changing technological aspects of the World Wide Web. This is a custom built analytics, tracking and training solution that will continually grow and adapt to the marketing challenges of your business.

But that's not all...

We even provide the training you need that will allow you to easily improve and increase your sales and traffic on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Let's be real... many ad trackers and analytics programs out there are confusing, clunky and hard to use. We both know you won't track your ads or check your web statistics if the tool or solution you're using makes it hard for you to do just that right?

That's why our goal is to give you a simplistic solution that will make analytics and tracking as easy as checking your e-mail... and we've even programmed a feature that does just that... we can send your detailed website statistics... right to your Inbox every day, week or month.

ProTrackerPlus isn't just another ad tracking program. In fact...
We beat our competitors hands down on features!

Even as a FREE member you gain an incredible advantage analyzing and tracking your ads with ProTrackerPlus!

Set up 1 different Tracking Links... this could be Key Words, Split Testing, PPC Landing Pages, Affiliate Page Cloaking... you decide!

Track all your Clicks, Sales, & Actions!

Ease and convenience of point-and-click simplicity.

Fully Featured Split Test Rotators.

Keep track of your advertising with Easy-To-Read statistics.

Easy to set up On-The-Fly Sub-Campaigns!

Shorten, Cloak or Encrypt your tracking URLS!

Cost per sale analysis (unveil your return on investment)

Export detailed daily, monthly or quarterly web statistics and reports to a csv file so you can import the data to Microsoft excel

Earn 10% Residual Income from every paying member you refer!

If that's not enough, you can always...

Upgrade To Gold Status For Only 66 Cents A Day!

There's no doubt about it. With a free ProTrackerPlus account you get unbelievable value (no other tracker can provide). But sooner or later, you're going to need even MORE tracking and promotion power.

Our Gold account is the only way to go! For ONLY $19.99 a month, you get everything listed above PLUS the following benefits...

Set up an UNLIMITED number of trackers.

Email Your Personal Referrals Every Day!

Have Your Web Statistics Emailed to you Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

Receive Random Referrals from our Promotional Efforts (which we analyze, track and improve daily)

Earn 50% Residual Income from every paying member you refer!

Naturally, you can upgrade your free membership at any time you choose. Or, if you're really serious about your promotional efforts and feel you need the additional benefits right away, simply upgrade as soon as you submit the membership signup form (see Step 2 below).

Promote ProTrackerPlus And Receive Monthly Residual Income!

Free members receive 10% commission for any member who upgrades... Pro members, receive 30% commission for each and every member who upgrades and Gold members receive 50% commission for any member who upgrades that you generate through your personal referral page.

And there's absolutely NO limit to how many sales you can generate. The more upgraded members you sign up, the more money you make!

And since many members pay monthly, you'll receive that same commission EVERY month for as long as each of your referrals remain an upgraded member!

Get Your No-Risk FREE Membership!

Here's the deal. Sign up and take full advantage of the entire system for FREE... with absolutely NO strings attached!

If you don't agree that ProTrackerPlus is by far THE best analytics tracker available on the planet, simply cancel your membership. Of course, we're betting that once you see just how powerful our web site tracking service is, you won't even consider leaving us for the rest of your life.

Not sure this is right for you?

Do you do any type of advertising or promoting, whether it's for your own products or services, or someone else's?

Are you an affiliate, associate, referrer etc.?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Would you like to save tons of TIME and EFFORT with every type of online marketing and advertising you're doing right now? (And any form of advertising you might EVER try in the future?)

Do you think it would be helpful to click a button and instantly see which of your ads are generating the most traffic, profits, subscriptions, etc. and which ones are not?

Do you want to increase your sales and even better your NET PROFITS, from every online ad or promotion you ever do now or in the future?

Do you want to Generate Residual Commissions from a service people don't stop using once they start?

If you answered "YES" to any of the questions above, then you owe it to yourself to get your account set up right now... so that you can see how all of the above can be accomplished with little or no extra effort on your part.

And don't forget...

You can upgrade to Gold status for only $19.99 a month! That means you can track an UNLIMITED number of websites, email your downline anytime you want, receive random referrals you can earn cash from and have your stats emailed to you daily, weekly, or monthly... plus a whole lot more!

So don't just sit there while your competitors continue to out-distance you. Join ProTrackerPlus NOW and find out what all the other marketers are so excited about! Click Here

Dan Moses and Mark Brown

P.S. Can you believe it? You're just minutes away from testing ALL your advertising and promotion. To get your own FREE tracker, simply fill out the form !

2-Step Membership Process

Step 1. Fill out the form by Clicking Here to sign up for your FREE account.

NOTE: When you become a member of ProTrackerPlus you are automatically agreeing to our Terms of Service.

Step 2. Once you submit the form, you'll be taken to the welcome page so you can access your account. You'll also be given the opportunity to immediately upgrade your membership to Gold status through either SafePay or PayPal at an introductory price for a One Year Upgrade or LifeTime membership (yes, it's going to be an offer you can't refuse).


A member who is found to be using any form of spam tactics in order to promote ProTrackerPlus will have their membership revoked. Please read our Anti-Spam Policy!

Experience True Success...
Join ProTrackerPlus Now!

Questions? Contact ProTrackerPlus support.

"Dan & Mark I just wanted to say thanks for producing such an easy to use and valuable program that every internet marketer needs. It is so easy to set up the campaigns and the detailed reports are second to none. Such a help in any business. Thank you."

Paul warren

"Dan and Mark,

Since I've been a member of many of your programs for some time Dan, I know to expect quality service and support. And, I am glad to have this service from you and Mark, because PTP has already made it to the top of my list of priorities.

The amount of time the two of you put into the development of PTP is obvious, because this is simply fantastic. In my business, tracking is essential and a system that provides quality and convenient reports is what I need. The site is user-friendly, the tracking system is very powerful, and the affiliate program is rewarding. And, one of the things that really stood out to me is how well-designed the User's Manual is - you really put some time into that and it shows.

Congratulations to you both, because you deserve the success you are having with ProTrackerPlus!

James Manning

"I've used all sorts of tracking software, but this one is really good stuff. What I like about it is it's easy to navigate around in setting up campaigns and there's so many options. I REALLY love the PPC tracking feature cause as being an Internet Marketer as well as Traffic Exchange owner and knowing how dicey PPC advertising can be this is truly an amazing feature. The fact it is SO easy to use is what made my head turn. And the fact that you can join for free didn't hurt either.

Dan and Mark, Thank you."

Jennifer Herold

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FREE Tracker...

• Track 1 Websites
• Clicks, Sales, & Actions
• Invisible To Viewers
• Point-&-Click Simplicity
• Split Test Rotator
• Easy-To-Read Stats
• Pay Per Click Analysis
• On-The-Fly Sub-Camps
• Track Keywords
• Shorten tracking URLS
• 10% Residual Income

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“Pro Tracker Plus Saves Me Money, Time and Energy!”

Tracking my results narrows my efforts and focus on the programs and tools that work best for me. It saves money, time, and energy. Dan and Mark have gone above and beyond to provide a service that far exceeds my expectations. Good job guys!

-- John Guanzon

* * * * *

"Like No Other Web Analytics Program I Have Ever Seen!"

Hi Dan and Mark,

ProTrackerPlus, has exceeded all my expectations!

This is like no other program I've ever seen. One "complete system" that includes in depth instructionsAn absolute must for anyone serious about marketing online. This system will save money, save time, remove all questions of where my advertising is most effective plus give detailed reports straight to my inbox.

You bet I'm excited. I see so many ways to utilize this program already.

Guys, I think that any online marketer that offers affiliate programs absolutely needs ProTrackerPlus to improve their affiliates marketing skills and results. It’s so easy and simple to setup, what an advantage they will have over everyone else!

Normally, I don't write testimonials, because frankly there is only a select few people or programs that I care to have my name associated with. Dan & Mark, you happen to be at the top of that list.

I have never met an easier group of people to work with. Patient, understanding, detail oriented to perfection, unquestionable integrity, professionalism, honesty, and the desire to help others whenever possible.

Yes gentlemen, attach my name and tell everyone that Ray White highly endorses ProTrackerPlus!

--Ray White

* * * * *

“Amazingly simple and user friendly!”

Pro Tracker Plus is amazingly simple and user friendly. It's got all I need for any type web analysis and tracking that I could ever want. As a tracking nutt I can personally tell you that the stats Pro Tracker Plus provides are second to none and will save you a ton of time and money. Creating tracker links on the fly without the need to log in is another huge time saver. You can even get your stats mailed to you, how cool is that?

-- Doug Pare

* * * * *

"World Class Training Not Provided Before Now in the Web Analytics and Ad Tracking Industry!"

Dan and Mark,

The training you guys provide is something that has not been available in the web analytics and ad tracking industry before now. After joining Pro Tracker Plus I was quite impressed with how easy it was to navigate through the member's area and the ease of setting up a tracking link was a breeze. I have tried others and found them to be too complicated or time consuming but that is definitely not the case here.

It's also pretty cool how I can practically give away memberships and make huge income from your generous commission plan. It's easy to tell you guys put your heart and souls into this and it really shows.

-- Ryan Hogan

* * * * *

“I Would Gladly Pay Twice the Price for this Service!”

I just wanted to say Thank You, and let you know I am so excited about Pro Tracker Plus... After floundering for over a year in Affiliate Marketing, I have finally started to succeed, and I know what it takes to succeed. It takes Tracking and Testing, until you have hit on the best headline, copy, colors, and every other aspect of website conversion. You must spend your advertising dollars very wisely, and that is just not possible to do without accurate tracking of where each hit is coming from. Anyone out there, doing marketing of Any Kind is going to want this. There is nothing on the market like it that provides this level of detail, and the ability to split test and track each result. I would gladly pay twice the price for this Wonderful Tool. Not to mention, besides saving you Money, it can Make you Money!

-- Rod Alley

* * * * *

“Beginners to Marketing Veterans Can Succeed With Pro Tracker Plus!”

As an internet marketing (IM) veteran (close to 20 years), I have seen many attempts to develop a simple, yet effective tracking system. In my opinion all have failed until now, Pro Tracker Plus has finally achieved where all the others have failed.

Anybody that can boot-up a computer should have no problems using Pro Tracker Plus.

Thanks a lot for this great new tool.

-- Terry Beresford

* * * * *

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